How to Install Studio One 5 Templates & Presets

1. Locate the Studio One folder located in your Documents folder.

2. In the Studio One folder, locate the 2 folders called "Presets" and "Templates". (If you do not see these folders you can create them.)

3. Copy the 3 template files inside the downloaded templates folder into the file locations below.  (1x .png, 1x .data and 1x .songtemplate file.)
Studio One 5 Templates
PC: C:>Documents>Studio One>templates>v5>Songs
MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Documents>Studio One>templates>v5>Songs
4. Copy the Preset files inside the  downloaded Presets folder into the appropriate preset category folders in the file locations below. (Vocals, Mixing, Mastering)
NOTE: You can also create your own custom presets folder here so that you can easily find your downloaded presets and keep them separate from the stock presets that come with Studio One.
Studio One 5 Presets
PC: C:>Documents>Studio One>Presets>PreSonus>FX Chains
MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Documents>Studio One>Presets>PreSonus>FX Chains

How to Load the Templates & Presets


1. Open Studio One and select New Song...
2. Select the "User" tab along the top of the New Song dialog box and select your new template from the list below.


If you decide you want to use these FX Chains in other sessions besides this template, you can load each preset onto a new track with just one click.

1. Create a new audio track and name it, then click "Ok"

2. To load a preset, go to the Mix window and simply click the arrow symbol 🔽 next to the word "Insert" on the new audio track you created.

3. Select the preset you want in the following category folders that you copied your presets into.

4. Enjoy!


Key things to remember:


You will need to figure out the key of the song you are working on.  You can use some free apps available, or the website ”” to find the key of the beat you are recording to.  Make sure to set your pitch correction plugins to the CORRECT key for your vocals to sound in tune. 

Autotune will only give you the desired effect if you are IN THE CORRECT KEY. 



All of “BUS” sends are used for reverb, delays and imaging effects.  Feel free to play with these and increase the amount of each setting depending on the vocals/song you are  working on.


Any questions?

Email -


Thanks for your interest, let’s make some great music together!

- JCruz

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