Template/Preset Install File Locations


Pro Tools Template

PC: C:>Documents>Pro Tools>Session Templates

MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Documents>Pro Tools>Session Templates

Pro Tools Presets

PC: C:>Documents>Pro Tools>Track Presets

MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Documents>Pro Tools>Track Presets



Logic Pro X Template

Macintosh HD>User>Music>Audio Music Apps>Project Templates

Logic Pro X Presets

Vocal Presets: Macintosh HD>User>Music>Audio Music Apps>Channel Strip Settings>Track

Master Presets: Macintosh HD>User>Music>Audio Music Apps>Channel Strip Settings>Output


Studio One Template

PC: C:>Documents>Studio One>templates>v5>Songs

MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Documents>Studio One>templates>v5>Songs

Studio One Presets

PC: C:>Documents>Studio One>Presets>PreSonus>FX Chains

MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Documents>Studio One>Presets>PreSonus>FX Chains


FL Studio Template

PC: C:>Documents>Image-Line>Fl Studio>Projects>Templates

MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Documents>Image-Line>Fl Studio>Projects>Templates

FL Studio Presets

PC: C:>Documents>Image-Line>Fl Studio>Presets>Mixer Presets

MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Documents>Image-Line>Fl Studio>Presets>Mixer Presets


Ableton Template

PC: C:>Documents>Ableton>User Library>Templates

MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Music>Ableton>User Library>Templates

Ableton Presets

PC: C:>Documents>Ableton>User Library>Presets>Audio Effects>Audio Effects Rack

MAC: Macintosh HD>User>Music>Ableton>User Library>Presets>Audio Effects>Audio Effects Rack


Waves (StudioRack) Presets

PC: C:>Program Files (x86)>Waves>Data>Presets>StudioRack

MAC: Macintosh HD>Applications>Waves>Data>Presets>StudioRack

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