Advanced Project Mix & Master - Project Mix

Advanced Project Mix & Master - Project Mix

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Advanced Project Mix & Master Includes:

  • Starting from 5 songs and up 
  • Up to 50 TOTAL stems (Instrumental Trackouts + Vocals)
  • 2 Mix revisions included
  • Mix & Mastered Mp3 & WAV
  • Live Mix included (if requested)

I strive to provide the absolute BEST work and value for the price.  You can trust me to be sure that every penny is well worth spent!  I include all the proper treatment to EVERY mix. 


  • Full vocal clean up and editing (Timing, vocal stack/doubles aligned, removal of unwanted breaths/vocal noises) 
  • Vocal Tuning (Natural or Heavy Auto-Tune Effect) 
  • Noise reduction 
  • Equalization 
  • Compression 
  • De-Essing 
  • Analog Saturation 
  • Delays & Reverbs 
  • Extra Vocal effects & ear candy (if desired) 
  • Automation (make the song come to LIFE) 
  • Instrumental Mixing/Drum enhancement (if necessary) 
  • Full Mastering treatment 

I work with the industry-standard Pro Tools.  

You Will Receive: 

1 Mixed & Mastered Project (WAV files) - Radio ready for commercial release 
1 Mixed & Mastered Project (MP3 files) - Internet Uses 

Directed/Edited + Mix & Mastered by: JCruz

Before & After Mixing & Mastering

1.  Fill out the Mixing Question & Requests Form below.


2. Be sure to LABEL and export your audio files all at the FULL LENGTH of the song.  Remove any plugins unless they are being used to create a specific effect that you want to be included in the final song.  Place all your audio files into a folder labeled like this "ARTIST NAME- SONG NAME".

3. Upload your files using the WeTransfer uploader


Upload your Files for Mixing and Mastering


4.  Make sure you have completed your purchase for your mix package.  Once I have receive both your payment & your files, I will get started on your mix!  If there are any issues with your files I will let you know.

Select & Pay for your Mix Package 

Any questions about sending me over your files?  Refer to my FAQ page!