Advanced Project Mix & Master - Project Mix

Advanced Project Mix & Master - Project Mix

Regular price$1,000.00
  • Industry Quality Mix & Master
  • Fast Turn-around Times
  • 2 Free Revisions

Additional Songs

Advanced Project Mix & Master Includes:

  • Starting from 5 songs and up 
  • Up to 50 TOTAL stems (Instrumental Trackouts + Vocals)
  • 2 Mix revisions included
  • Mix & Mastered Mp3 & WAV
  • Live Mix included (if requested)

I strive to provide the absolute BEST work and value for the price.  You can trust me to be sure that every penny is well worth spent!  I include all the proper treatment to EVERY mix. 


  • Full vocal clean up and editing (Timing, vocal stack/doubles aligned, removal of unwanted breaths/vocal noises) 
  • Vocal Tuning (Natural or Heavy Auto-Tune Effect) 
  • Noise reduction 
  • Equalization 
  • Compression 
  • De-Essing 
  • Analog Saturation 
  • Delays & Reverbs 
  • Extra Vocal effects & ear candy (if desired) 
  • Automation (make the song come to LIFE) 
  • Instrumental Mixing/Drum enhancement (if necessary) 
  • Full Mastering treatment 

I work with the industry-standard Pro Tools.  

You Will Receive: 

1 Mixed & Mastered Project (WAV files) - Radio ready for commercial release 
1 Mixed & Mastered Project (MP3 files) - Internet Uses 

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